We hold Office Hours monthly. We’re looking to meet pre-founders (people searching for next idea), founders, and teams of tech businesses at the pre-seed stage. Office Hours is your opportunity to let us get to know you, learn about your idea, and explore if we would be interested in investing.

The format of the meetings is a 15 minute chat with a member of our investment team. We’re happy to give advice, we’re happy to discuss your idea, and we’re happy to be pitched to.

What is your name?

We'd like to learn a little bit more about you - please provide a link to your linkedin profile, startup website, GitHub account, or online CV.

What stage are you at?

Please decribe your startup idea

Please give us as much detail as possible. Describe your target customers, the problem, and your solution.
If you were referred to us, who referred you?

Is there anything specific you would like to cover in the session?

What would you like to get from the session

You can choose both -

Thanks for taking the time to apply - we'll be in touch if we think we can help
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